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Eliminate Impurities from Your Water

Water Conditioning for Your Hard Water

Everclear is your source for top-notch water conditioning. Although our products are mostly used to treat well water, you can use our water softeners and filters to improve the quality of water from municipal systems, too. Avoid water-based health problems with water conditioning solutions from us in Greenfield, Indiana.

Water Conditioning

Our systems are salt usage efficient and have a long life span (20-year unit). Our most popular warranties are for 5 years and we offer a maintenance contract to provide coverage after your warranty has expired. For your convenience, we also provide salt delivery upon request.

Soft Water

Calcium and magnesium are responsible for the residue that accumulates on your dishes, clothes, and shower/bathtub. Our water softener removes calcium and magnesium in your water, which helps you reduce your reliance on detergents and soaps while giving your clothing a fresher appearance.

Water Splash

No-Salt Water Conditioners

Everclear offers no-salt water Conditioners that place calcium and magnesium in a suspended state. This is beneficial in prolonging the life of your water heater and faucets. No-salt water Conditioners are different than traditional water softeners in that they do not create a conditioned feeling for your water.

Water Filters

Our water filters are the ideal choice to remove sediment and sand while reducing odors from your well water. For city water, our water filters help remove chlorine, bad tastes, and bad odors.

Well Water

Most well water contains rust that stains everything. We remove the rust and odor from your well water with non-chemical systems that are better for your family.

Make your well water healthier by contacting us at (888) 606-3511 in Greenfield, Indiana, for water conditioning products.